The Importance of Being Baptized

Questions concerning being baptized frequently come up when a person is considering accepting Christ or becoming a member of a local church body after receiving Christ. Our modern society makes this act of obedience appear as a misunderstood and unnecessary ritual, especially the way it is portrayed in many Hollywood movies.

The fact is that baptism is very important to our spiritual lives and commitments as Christians.

Perhaps it is best to explain what baptism is. The Greek word for baptism is Baptizo, which means to immerse as in cleansing. This is akin to the Hebrew word Tabal, which is used for immersion for ritual cleansing.

What is Baptism?
As followers of Christ we see baptism as four things. The first is that it is a symbol of cleansing. It symbolizes for all to the see the washing away of our sins. Remember because of Christ our sins have been washed away. Secondly, baptism is a symbol of new life for us. Being Immersed in the water shows the death of Christ and the death of fleshly nature. Being raised up out of the water shows the resurrection of Christ from the dead and our being raised up to new life in Him. We are raised in His likeness.

The third image of baptism is that it is a symbol of our relationship with Christ Jesus. As a wedding ring symbolizes a marriage, so baptism is a sign for all to see that we belong to Christ and have an outward sign of an inward change. The fourth symbol is that baptism is an outward sign of an inward change. We show others that our lives have been changed inwardly by the life of Christ with in. It shows once again our new life in Christ.

Why Be Baptized?
There are three reasons for being baptized, they are: One, to follow the example of Jesus. Jesus saw it a matter of obedience and commitment to be baptized by John the Baptist. (Matt. 3:13-16; Luke 3:21) Two, we are obeying the command of Jesus to be baptized. (Mark 16:16; Matt. 28:19) Three, it shows others what has happened inside of us, that we are believers in Christ Jesus and in fact are a Christian.

One last question often comes forward at this point. And that is, I have fallen away from my faith, and what to recommit my life to Christ. Should I be re-baptized? This is a question best settled by you and the Father. However, many have been baptized a second time to reaffirm and recommit to their prior commitments of faith, and to show again their renewed relationship with Christ. The question of age comes next am I too old? The answer is NO. You are never too old to receive Christ and or be baptized in His name.

To learn more about baptism and what it means to be a Christian or member of Sunset Ministry, please see the pastor, and or contact the church office. Please feel free to attend our next Discovering Church Membership Class.