Marriage Notes – The Five A’s of Love and Marriage

From time to time this year we will be sharing marriage notes with you. The following comes from a talk on marriage I head on KQED’s forum this week. I hope you are blessed by it.

David Richo a well-respected psychotherapist and author has described the five essential elements of love. I have added the marriage part. I agree that these five A’s are necessary for couples to have their basic needs met, not only in a loving relationship, but also to make that relationship last for a lifetime.

The five A’s are:

Appreciation is a tangible reminder our partner matters and is not being taken for granted

Attention when this is absent leads to our spouse feeling ignored, invisible, and or rejected.

Acceptance is a fundamental need that feeds our sense of self-esteem, self-worth, and security.

Affection shows that we desire our spouse and want to be desired by them.

Allowing gives us the freedom to pursue our life goals, hopes, and desires. It frees us to become the husband, wife, man or woman the Father desires us to be.

Remember too, that each of us want to be loved, wanted and needed. Take some time and reflect on how your meeting the five A’s in your relationship?

Be blessed today