Gerard R. Mann
Rev. Dr. Gerald R. Mann-Lead Pastor
Contact 415 753 3950
Gerald R. Mann (Jerry) was born in Cleveland Ohio, attended Malone College and interned at Peninsula Bible Church in Palo Alto and Mount Olive Baptist Church in East Palo Alto California during the summers of 1969 thru 1971. He married Carol Edwards of Canton Ohio in January of 1972.

Rev. and Mrs. moved to Pasadena California in 1974 to attend Fuller Theological Seminary after serving two years as assistant pastor of the Holy Trinity Baptist Church of Cleveland Ohio. While attending Fuller Theological Seminary he served as Youth and Christian Education pastor at Friendship Baptist Church in Pasadena.

In 1984 he moved to San Francisco and joined the staff of Young Life San Francisco as the Area Director of the Greater Mission District. He held this position for seventeen years, and later served as the Director of Continuing Education for Young Life nationally for eight years. He has also served several churches as pastor, interim pastor and consultant over the years.

For over forty years he and his wife Carol (Now deceased) have been involved in discipleship, teaching and evangelism ministries, as a youth minister, teacher, pastor, and counselor.

Rev. Mann is also a noted radio and retreat speaker and holds both an M. Div and D. Min from Fuller Seminary in Pasadena California. He also is an adjunct professor for Fuller Theological Seminary and Eastern University and former Dean of Fellowship Bible Institute and College of Theology and Urban Studies. He further has sat on the Executive Committee for the National Network of Youth Ministries, and Bridgemont High School and has authored several bible studies and booklets. He has also received awards for mentoring, youth leadership, and for various youth programs. He and his wife Carol (Deceased) have three children.

Ms. Susie Chong
Susie Chong Church Administrator
Contact 415 753 3950

I was born in Hong Kong and raised in San Francisco. I grew up with a Catholic church background, and came to know Christ when I attended First Chinese Baptist Church, our Mother/Sister church until we planted Sunset Ministry in 1998. I was part of the first group that came to plant Sunset Ministry.

I’ve served in various leadership roles in the following ministries:
– Sunday school teacher for 4th & 5th graders
– Worship Ministry as Usher, PowerPoint team & Communion setup
– Mission’s Ministry
– Prayer Team Ministry
– Community Outreach Ministry

I am married and have three lovely children. I am fluent in Cantonese and have a background in running an office as a Director of Product Development and Operations in the travel wholesale industry. I enjoy meeting new people, spending time with family and friends, shopping, hiking, traveling, and eating lots of sweets.

Sunset Ministry is led by a shepherding team, which combines the talents and resources of what was known in many churches as the trustee and ministry teams. The team is comprised of eight members each of whom leads or shepherds one of the churches primary purposes. Each Shepherd is part of the Shepherding Team and will work with the pastor and other shepherds to achieve the mission, vision and goals of Sunset Ministry.


Shepherd Chair and Moderator
Jeff Low
The Shepherd Chair is charged with overseeing and working with the other shepherds to achieve the mission, vision and goals of Sunset Ministry. He/she will work closely with the pastor to support the works of the church. The Shepherding Chair is the Moderator of Sunset Ministry as described in the By-Laws.

Community Shepherd
Ron Chun
The Community Shepherd is responsible for welcoming those who are attending Sunset Ministry and bringing them into the fellowship of the church family through follow up and fellowship ministries, ultimately leading to baptism and church membership.

Life Development Shepherd
Sara Ng
The Life Development Shepherd is responsible for encouraging the spiritual development and discipleship of each member. He/she oversees the Christian Education and Discipleship ministries of the church for all ages.

Missions Shepherd
Leslie Hsing
The Outreach Shepherd is responsible for empowering people to be “on mission” for Christ by bringing people to faith in Jesus Christ. He/she oversees the outreach and missions ministries of the church. Our Mission purpose is to provide opportunities for the congregation to serve as the hands and feet of Christ so please feel free to suggest any other ways we can be God’s ambassadors.

Worship Shepherd
Rita O’Connell
The Worship Shepherd is responsible for creating an environment where one can offer praise and honor to God. He/she oversees the worship ministry of the church.

Finance Shepherd
Cheryl Ng
The Finance Shepherd is responsible for the stewardship of our finances and facilities at Sunset Ministry.  The Finance  Shepherd also serves as the Church Treasurer on the Shepherding Team for Sunset Ministry.

Human Resources Administration Shepherd
Sandra Eng
The Resource Administration Shepherd is responsible for the stewardship of our human resources at Sunset Ministry.