Knowing Ourselves, To Know God

Adapted from Emotionally Healthy Spirituality
by Peter Scazzero

As men and women made in Gods image, He has given us the gift of emotions and feelings. God often speaks to us through our emotions, therefore we should not ignore them. Think of how often in the scriptures God and Jesus express their emotions.

Daniel Goleman, the author of Emotional Intelligence, defined emotion as “referring to a feeling and its distinctive thoughts, … and range of propensities to act.” What he means is that God created human beings to feel a wide range of emotions.

There are hundreds of emotions, each with their variations, blends, and hundreds of particular nuances. Researchers have classified them into eight main families:

  • anger (fury, hostility, irritability, annoyance)
  • sadness (grief, self-pity, despair, dejection, loneliness)
  • fear (anxiety, edginess, nervousness, fright, terror, apprehension)
  • enjoyment (joy, relief, contentment, delight, thrill, euphoria, ecstasy)
  • love (acceptance, trust, devotion, adoration)
  • surprise (shock, amazement, wonder)
  • disgust (contempt, scorn, aversion, distaste, revulsion)
  • shame (guilt, remorse, humiliation, embarrassment, chagrin)

This week’s Questions:

Take a few moment to reflect on your God given emotions.
Has the Father ever spoken to you through your emotions?
Why and how do we hide our feelings?

The following are several ways to begin to live as the new person Christ has made you.

One. Know that Christ Jesus lives within you. Walk daily in this truth

Two. Pay attention to your silent time with God, focus on Him. Distractions will call your name loudly.

Three. Don’t do this alone, join a small group or have a set of close friends that can and will pray for and with you.

Four. Avoid the pressures of living a life that is not our own. Don’t live out someone else’s expectations in your life.

Five. try not to fall into the trap of self-will or self-deception. These are often the chains that keep us from our real life.

Six. Move out of your comfort zone and affirm your gifting in Christ

Seven. Pray for courage to be the person God has designed you to be. This will take effort because we ourselves and those around us are accustomed to our old life and behaviors.

Remember as you move through these two promises of Jesus:

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. John 10:10
You will know the truth, and the truth will make you free. John 8:32