Good News! by Cheryl Ng

Hi Everyone…  Right now we have lots of time to watch television. There is a television series I really like called God Friended Me. Miles, the main character, is an atheist (someone who does not believe in God). He mysteriously receives “friend” suggestions from a social media God account that asks him to help people. Be aware there are SPOILERS about an episode below.

In this particular episode, the God account asks Miles to help a woman named Anna with terminal cancer. He thinks his task is to convince her to resume treatment for her cancer in order to save her life. Instead, as a series of events unfold, he comes to understand that his goal is really to help her rediscover her lost faith in God. By the end of the episode, and with Miles help, Anna regains her faith right before she passes away. As an atheist, Miles feels he has failed Anna, since he didn’t save her life. But she is at peace and leaves behind a recording that says,

“Faith isn’t just about religion. It’s about realizing we are all in this together. It’s easy to forget how connected we all are. It’s easy to feel scared or lost or angry but that’s not the same thing as losing faith, and sometimes it takes meeting someone new to remind us of that, that its’ never too late to find the faith we’ve lost.”

Miles is somewhat comforted and still feels like it was all for nothing, but his very wise sister says maybe this wasn’t just about restoring Anna’s faith, but opening the door to restoring Miles’ own lost faith.

This show constantly reminds me that each one of us are God’s hands and feet in this world.  We never know how the actions we take affect people in both good and bad ways,  and events that seem to be completely unrelated can come together in amazing ways because of God’s plans.  It only takes us being open to God’s call, trusting him and just “showing up” as Pastor Jerry reminds us. This is a great “feel good” show and I highly encourage you to go to and watch it. 

Blessings……..  Cheryl