Home groups, also known as small group bible studies, meet weekly or bi-weekly and are held in spiritually safe environments for bible study, sharing, prayer and usually snacks or a meal. You are welcome to visit any group at any time, and to join any group where you feel welcome and comfortable!

Small groups fill many needs and are an important part of Sunset Ministry for five biblical reasons:

A place to connect and fellowship
The small group becomes a family with authentic relationships and support for one another.

A place to grow, to be discipled
The small group is a safe place to grapple with the truths of Scripture, see how the gospel makes a difference in our lives, and cultivate a closer walk with God.

A place to develop for ministry
A small group gives opportunity to help you identify your unique giftedness and then to release it in service.

A place to share with others
A small group helps make evangelism less scary and breaks down the process into small doable actions. You learn how to share your own story with those around you who don’t know Him.

A place to worship
A surrendered heart, worship, pleases God most. Worship focuses the group upward in praise and thanksgiving, to God, the Creator and Sustainer of life.

Fellowship groups meet at various times for fellowship and activities. These groups do not meet weekly. You are welcome to visit any group at any time, and to join any of the groups you like!

New Horizon
Empty Nesters
Meets: Bi-monthly
Contact: Ken Jay

UPS (Unlimited Potential in the Spirit)
Families with children
Meets: As determined by the group
Contact: Janet Choy

San Mateo Home Group
San Mateo at 7:30pm (with 6:30pm dinner)
Contact: Jeff Low or Sherryl Quong

Tuesday Morning
San Francisco Home Group 
Every Tuesday 10:00am via Zoom
Contact: Rita O’Connell

Young Adult / Career Age Home Group 
Every Wednesday 7:30pm via Zoom
Contact: Sara Ng

San Francisco Home Group
Sunset Ministry at 7:30pm
Contact Rod Jeong
Nancy Jeong

Burlingame Home Group
at the Choy’s at 6:30pm
Contact: Janet Choy

Women’s Group
Meets: 2nd & 4th Fridays at 7:30pm at the Kim Woo Ng’s
Contact: Kim Woo

MLife: Life with a Mission for Young Adults
Young Adults
Meets: 1st & 3rd Fridays at 7:00pm
Contact: Jeff Cheung

Please note:
All contact information for small group leaders is available by signing in to Community Church Builder. If you are not an Active Member or Regular Attendee of Sunset Ministry, please email the church office for more information on Home Groups at or by calling the office at 415-753-3950