It is our desire that you grow in Christ Jesus and become more and more like Him each day. A truism is that ministry happens out of the excess of our lives. Our prayer for you is that the Father will flow with greater excess out of your life and that ministry will take place because you were and are available to Him.

A series of Bible and growth related classes, generally held after the morning worship service, lasting from four to six weeks. Look for courses on spiritual growth, experiencing God, parenting and other such topics.

Learn the Basics is a five step basic course series designed to give one an understanding of what church membership involves, how to mature or grow in Christ, understand ones place and focus in ministry, missions and giftedness in the Body of Christ. Below is a listing of these courses called “Running the Basics.” We encourage every member to take each of the classes. So we encourage you complete the “Running the Basics Courses” and become involved in a ministry of service to the Kingdom. You will find the basic outline of the courses below. Look for announcements for the courses you are missing.


Running the basics

•First BASE = Membership (BASICS 101)
Born again and baptized
Added to the church in membership
Sunday worship attendance
Eager to grow

•Second BASE = Maturity (BASICS 201)
Basic grasp of the Bible
Attend a small group
Spend time with God daily
Enjoy fellowship

•Third BASE = Ministry (BASICS 301)
Bring my tithe
Active in ministry
Share my faith
Enlist in prayer

•HOME plate = Missions (BASICS 401)
Heart for the world
Operate in love
Mobilize for missions
Encourage others



One of the foundations of our faith is that everyone is a minister. With that in mind we encourage you to be involved in a ministry where the expression of your gifts and talents may be used to impact the Kingdom of God. This list is by no means complete, if the Father has placed a concern on your heart for ministry talk with the pastor and Ministry Development Shepherd.

Nursery, our nurseries are well staffed and equipped to provide safe loving care for children up to age three, with the emphasis on the love of Jesus.

Sunday School and Children’s ministry is a ministry where children from pre- Kindergarten through twelfth grade can engage in captivating environments filled with Bible lessons that will develop their faith, character, and walk with Christ.

Middle and High School Youth Ministry is for those young people sixth grade through college where the focus is on bible study, fellowship, and deepening ones walk with Christ through modeling, discipleship, retreats, camps, service and practical applications.

Sunset Ministry Discovery Classes take the place of adult Sunday school and are offered on a rotating basis lasting from four to six weeks.

Sports realizing that sports and physical activity are a vital part of spiritual life Sunset ministry is member of the Chinese Christian Union and has teams for softball, volleyball and basketball.

Worship Team and Music Ministry is committed to leading people in the worship of God through the use of voice, instruments, signing, dance, skits, acting and dramatic readings. We encourage you to participate with us as we use these gifts to worship the Lord  and prepare our hearts to do His will.

Prayer Ministry exists to seek God’s direction for His church family and for all the other church ministries, to intercede for the needs of our congregation, families and friends. The team is available for individual prayer after each service or by using the email form on the website. The team also provides prayer alerts and maintains our prayer tree.

First Impressions help visitors ease their entry into the church by welcoming and giving them a small gift of appreciation.

Ushers and Greeters encourage people once they arrive and are inside the church building by helping them find seating and introducing them to other church members and friends.

Harvest Festival is our Halloween alternative program with fun, games and fellowship.

Third Sunday Lunch is the church body gathering together to enjoy a casual and free meal together. Everyone is invited to stay for lunch and enjoy the fellowship.

Missions serves as the outreach and service arm of our body. They are involved with several service projects, overseeing our giving to other organizations and missionaries as well as training others to be involved in the work of spreading the good news.

Christmas Faire is our church’s pre-Christmas celebration for the neighborhood so that all children may experience the joys of Christmas.

Day Camp is a one to five week summer program geared toward children age’s five to twelve that involves bible teaching, fun, games, and field trips. This ministry also provides leadership-training opportunities for older youth to serve as counselors-in-training and as counselors.

Friday Night at The Movies is a quarterly event where movies family movies are viewed and discussed for the Christian themes found in them

Ace Team or All Church Events coordinates all of our large all church events such as the church picnic, all church retreat, third Sunday lunches, Easter Breakfast, Thanksgiving dinner and many more all-church events.

Men’s Ministry seeks to help men grow deeper in Christ and take the roles He has designed for them as leaders, fathers, husbands and brothers.

Women’s Ministry aims to help women grow deeper and Christ and take the roles He has designed for them as leaders, mothers, wives and sisters.

Audio- Visual and Sound Ministry purposes to enhance the worship experiences of our body by using the different types of media available.