Things that will destroy your intimacy with God

  • Distraction: Those things that keep you from focusing on your life with the Father.
  • Distortion: False beliefs and habits that draw you away from the word of God and Jesus.
  • Laziness: Just not putting in the effort to grow in Christ. This is a choice we make.
  • Lack of engagement: There is no such thing as a “Lone Ranger Christian.” This means I‘m not involved in a small group; growth class, prayer group, or other activities that will help me grow in Christ.
  • The tyranny of the urgent: Other wise known as business. Everything seems so urgent that it demands your immediate attention. This is actually a more sophisticated form of distraction. If the Devil can keep you busy enough, give you so many urgent things to do and consider, then you will eventually lose interest in the life Christ promises you.
  • Disillusionment and discouragement: These come when your prayer and bible study life have been left to die on the vine. As mentioned in many messages, your heart and soul need feeding too. The best way to fight against these two words and feelings, is to develop a strong prayer and study life. I encourage everyone to have their own personal prayer team.
  • Entropy and Mediocrity: The following is a quote from Max Dupree. “Entropy. It’s not only one of the great enemies of the universe; it’s one of the great enemies of the human spirit. A person becomes apathetic or complacent or settles for the path of least resistance in some area of life. Dreams die and hopes fade. A terrible thing happens: a person learns they can live with mediocrity. God has not called us to mediocrity, so don’t let the enemy make you settle for it.