The Letters of the Apostle Paul

As one reads Paul’s letters, keep the book of Acts nearby for the background of what has happened in each city.                                 

The book of Acts, written by Luke, gives the birth of the church and Paul’ s Journeys

Name              Date      Theme

The Letters to churches

Romans           58-59     God’s righteousness and sound doctrine

1 Corinthians    55-56    The problems of learning what being a Christian and a church means

2 Corinthians    55-56    Paul’s personal letter of instruction and defense

1 Thessalonains 51-53   Instructions for a new church

2 Thessalonians 51-53   Understanding Christ return

Letters written from Prison

Galatians         48-49   The defense against legalism

Ephesians       56-60   The epistle of the church

Philippians       60        The personal epistle

Colossians      56-60   The pre-eminent Christ

Pastoral letters

1 Timothy         60-65   Advice to a young pastor

2 Timothy         60-66   A farewell message

Titus                 60-66   Keeping sound doctrine

Philemon          56-60   A picture of Christian forgiveness

There are two missing letters missing from Paul, the first would be named 3Corinthians. Many believe this is inserted into 2 Corinthians, since Paul indicates that he is writing to them and going to visit them a third time. The second Paul’s instruction to the Colossians to read the letter coming from the Laodiceans. Colossians 4:16

Who are Aquila and Pricilla?

As we meet this wonderful couple in scripture, they are never listed separately. We also find that they lead the church and others interchangeably, with Pricilla often being mentioned first.

Priscilla is of the wife of Aquila, who along with her husband instructed Apollo when he came to Corinth and gave leadership to the early church.

Paul meets Aquila and Pricilla on his first visit to Corinth. Who were expelled from Rome by Claudius 50 A.D., when the Emperor decreed that all Christians leave Rome.

Paul lives with them in Corinth and works with Aquila, joining him in tent making. The couple then accompanies Paul to Ephesus. They later return to Rome and as tradition indicates they become leaders in the church the until, Nero’s persecutions drive the Christians from Roma a second time.

We meet them in the following passages of Scripture: Acts 18; Romans 16:3; 2Timothy 4:19; 1 Corinthians 16:19

Paul’s Trials

Acts 16 Philippi, beaten Paul and Silas put in

Acts 17 Thessalonica a mob followed by agitators in Berea

Acts 19 A riot in Ephesus

Acts 21-23 Beaten, a riot and an assassination plot in Jerusalem

Acts 24-26 Prisoned in Caesarea with trials before Felix, Porcius Festus, and later Herod Agrippa

Acts 27-28 Shipwrecked at Malta

Acts 28:30-31 Rome House arrest

Paul is later tried and put in prison in Rome by Emperor Nero and is later martyred