1 Corinthians 15:50-58

All of us afraid of death because it is so final, we are afraid of death because we see it as the end, we see it as final. We next have to develop a new reality without our loved one. But understand death is not the end. Death is swallowed up in victory. 1 Corinthians 15:54 Death is actually a new beginning, life on a different plain, life immortal. We are all made to be immortal people, we will all live for eternity. 1 Corinthians 15:53 The issue is where do we live for eternity?

Death tries a few things but has no victory.

The foolishness of death is:

  1. When death comes to claim us it thinks it has won, but it has not. Death is swallowed up in the victory of Jesus Christ. Death does not win, this is not the end for us. It is actually the beginning. Because we walk through the door of death, we lose our mortal flesh and put on immortality. We lose this body which is perishable and put on that which is imperishable, that which will last forever. Death does not win. Death thinks he has us in his icy grip, but we slip his grasp.
  2. Death cannot separate you from the love of God. Death says this is final. God says no it is not. I have given you the life. I have given you in my son, which is life that last forever, Romans 8:35,39 we slip death’s grasp again.
  3. Death cannot rob you of the life God has given you in Jesus Christ. God says that Death cannot rob you of the life I have given you in My Son. The key is to make sure you have life in His son. John 10:28, 11:25
  4. Death cannot keep you in it’s icy grip. When God calls you home you put on immortality. When we are raised up to meet Jesus in the air, we slip again from his icy grip. You escape the grave, because death does not own you, so it cannot keep you. That’s the foolishness of death. The futility of death is, and the foolishness of death is that he believes he can keep you in the box. This is not true, because as soon as we leave this mortal flesh we go to the presence of the Father. Imagine you get to heaven and you are active, not laying in a box or waiting in an urn. Celebrate the fact that you have gone on to be with the Father.
  5. Death cannot rob or separate you of your life now or the love and memories of your loved ones. Memories are photographs for the mind. They are there to help us heal and recall the love the Father showed us in the person He has called home. Live them. Cherish them. Love them.  They are reminders of who God is. Honor them.
  6. Death cannot overcome and destroy you with Grief and sadness. Death cannot destroy you. Death comes and steals and takes our loved ones away and we feel the ache in our hearts, and our hearts feel like they are broken in a million pieces.

The Father says no, and gives us four “I will promises:”

  1. I will mend your broken heart, I will bind your heart back together, because I give you my presence, I give you Myself. Psalm 34:15,18
  2. He then says I will turn your tears into gladness. Psalm 30:5
  3. I will dry your tears and give you a mantle joy and praise, instead of a mantle of fainting and weeping. Isaiah 61:3
  4. I will turn your mourning into dancing. Psalm 30:11; Jeremiah 31:13

Death tries to overcome you, but it can’t because the Father’s promises are greater than death.