Remembering Our Freedoms to

Freedom in Christ

Jesus has set us free to live a life that is full and productive in Him. Occasionally it is good to be reminded of the this he has set us free to do.

The basis of our freedoms is found in John 8:36, Jesus has come to set us free to live the life God the Father has planned for us. The following are five of the freedoms Jesus has set is free to do.

The Freedom to trust God                       

                                                        Jeremiah 29:11, Romans 8:28

The Freedom to choose to walk by the power of the Spirit

of God                                                               Galatians 5:16-17

The Freedom to walk in Righteousness

                                                                        Colossians 1:10,2:6

The Freedom to receive from the Father 

                                                                    James 1:6;1John 3:22

The Freedom to be thankful                       

                                                                               Colossians 3:15                                     

Disruptions gives us the Freedom to see God at work

If the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed. John 8:36

Because of Jesus I am free. JESUS has set me free