Money, Possessions, and Eternity

The Wisdom of Giving            Proverbs 11:23-28

The wisdom of giving leads to:

verse 23   The righteousness of looking for and desiring good

verse 24   Generously giving which equals a greater return

verse 25    Reciprocal refreshing

verse 26   A willingness to share and sell

verse 27   Working for good relationships with others

verse 28   The righteous joy of a thriving life


The unwise results of not giving leads to:                                  

verse 23   Looking inward and anger

verse 24   Withholding resources to one’s own detriment

verse 25   Selfishness does not result in reciprocal refreshment

verse 26   Hoarding resources, which leads to people’s scorn

verse 27   Bitterness of heart and soul, which leads to evil

verse 28   See’s their money and resources fail and disappear