Longing for a Touch

A Prayer Application

Precious Lord Jesus, I come to You on my knees because there are times when I am the leper, when I am the hemorrhaging woman. Lord I confess there are times when I feel abandoned, lonely, and shut off from social and societal circles, standing on the outside.

I confess there are more than a few times when I wear a smiling mask, when I am actually hurting inside. Often, I feel as though I should create a wide boundary around myself, by announcing my uncleanness like the leper and the woman.

So Lord I come to you because I know that You are able and willing to touch me and heal me in all of my dehumanizing leprosy of heart, bleeding of my soul, and false bravado.

Lord, I need Your touch to make me clean and heal me, that I may walk and live in Your continuous healing and peace.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for seeing every hemorrhage and leprous tumor in my life through eyes of mercy and compassion. Your eyes Lord know and understand the whole story of my life.

Lastly, Lord give me a heart that is filled with compassion for others who are in need of Your touch, not to see them as rejected by society, but as those who need Your touch. Lord
give me hands that are willing to reach out and touch them as You have touched me.

I pray these things Lord, in Your name Jesus. Amen.