Trusting God’s Capacity

Stewardship Trusting God in plenty and in want A Tithe for the Future Abraham and Melchizedek “Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think, according to the power that works within us.” ~ Ephesians 3:20 Our culture and society conditions us to become functional agnostics. […]

The Freedom to Fail

PEOPLE WHO FAILED BUT GOD CONTINUED TO USE THEM The next time you feel like a failure, or are afraid to trust the Father remember these people Revised from NO MORE EXCUSES… NOAH was a drunk ABRAHAM lied, and slept with a woman not his wife ISAAC was a daydreamer JACOB was a liar and […]

In Your War Room

10 Truths to Remember 1. I am loved. ~ John 3: 16 2. I am forgiven ~ Matthew 26:27-28 3. I am chosen ~ 1 Peter 2:9 4. God’s Word is a lamp to my feet. ~ Psalm 1191: 05 5. We’ve been given armor. ~ Ephesian6s: 10-18 6. The Holy Spirit intercedes for me. […]


The Apostle Paul gives us a running list of the persons he travels with and meets. He also gives us a name from our Faith lineage. Here they are and why they are important to us in our study of Galatians. BARNABAS: We first meet Barnabas in the book of Acts chapter 4 there he […]


REMAINING VIGILANT FOR YOUR FREEDOM: Revised from Eugene Peterson’s Traveling Light Page 67, Helmers and Howard; Colorado Springs There are people who do not want us to be free. They don’t want us to be free before God, accepted just as we are by His grace. They don t want us to be free to […]

Set Free to Live Free

The Different Gospels We hear Galatians 1:6-14 There are many gospels we hear each day. Each of these appears to be right, but they lead us away from the central truths of God’s word and Jesus Christ our Savior. The following are just a few that are easily identifiable in our lives, they stem from […]